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Voting days: Every Sunday 11:00 PM - Wednesday 11:59 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I vote?

You may vote by typing 'Bintang[space]Name' and send to 39998.

How many votes can I send?

You may send only one vote per week per phone number.

When is the voting period?

The voting period starts on Sunday 11:00 PM and will close on Wednesday at 11.59pm.

Can I vote weekly?

Yes! You may vote weekly from 11:00 PM on Sundays until Wednesdays at 11.59pm.

Will I incur charges when I vote?

Imagine prepaid and postpaid mobile customers vote for free! Votes from other carriers will incur charges set by their respective mobile service providers.

How will I know if my vote is successful?

You will receive a confirmation SMS indicating a successful vote.

Why is the leader board zero?

The counter is reset on Wednesdays at midnight. Successful contestants will be announced during the concert show.