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We are fortunate enough to have food on the table. However, this may not be the same elsewhere for other Bruneians out there especially with the onset of Covid-19. While we are able to meet the needs of our families with the very basic of necessities, there are those who need your help. With Dart Brunei, we at imagine provide you with the platform to donate under the 'DartFood' project where we aim to deliver at least two meals a day at 700 meals* a week to individuals and families identified by local NGO Hand4Hand. The DartFood project features a weekly lunch and dinner meal plan priced at $8.50/meal crafted and produced by the chefs at Royal Brunei Culinary, which are delivered fresh daily. Each meal is prepared with locally fresh and 100% halal certified ingredients with affordable pricing. To expand on this project, the meals will be delivered by certified Dart drivers/runners whose income has also suffered because of this pandemic. Not only will this initiative nourish our underprivileged but will also provide employment to these drivers. This year has been a difficult for our most vulnerable members of society. By donating through imagine's platform together we can make a difference. We thank you for your kindness.

This is an initiative in response to Brunei's current Covid-19 landscape where thousands of underprivileged students may not be able to afford data to enable their e-Learning journey. Your donation will be converted into data where we will channel your contribution through our imagine services either via mobile or broadband connectivity. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, local NGO's and under our own initiative, imagine has thus far allocated over 3TB of mobile data as well as unlimited text and call valued at over $12,000 per month to serve over 100 students in different parts of the nation. Your contribution will help us sustain this charity service for our identified students with the hope that they will continue to benefit from this initiative. Thank you for your support!

As Brunei enters a new chapter in its Covid-19 landscape, the government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam is reaching out to the generosity of Bruneians so that we can overcome this challenge together as a community. All donations through this portal and via SMS will be channelled to the Ministry of Health.

In our continuous efforts to uphold the pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility, imagine has teamed up with Universiti Brunei Darussalam and several village heads from Zone 5 in Brunei-Muara to provide free tuition classes for underprivileged students. What we're calling the imagine Community Tuition Centre, this initiative focusses on 25 Year 6 students scheduled to sit for their PSR exams this year, which will start on October 14. Until then, these students will attend tuition classes at Masjid Kampong Kulapis every Friday and Sunday guided by graduate teachers from UBD. Donations collected through this fund will help with providing meals for these students and their families, school supplies and other necessities to help them thrive.